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Angel, el Niño Torero de Galinduste. Foto: Foro Ciudad

Don’t think it’s easy to become a matador. Should you wish to do so, you’d have to overcome many hurdles.

By: Pieter HilderingAvance Taurino.

To begin with and after a long time studying how to use the cape, getting accustomed to the red cloth and feeling the weight of the sword and spending a lot of your own money, you just might perform in a ‘novillada sin picadores’ or a ‘becerrada’. In these events aspiring toreros face two-year-old bull-calves called ‘erales’ or ‘becerros’, narrow shouldered animals who’ll enter the bullring in a burst of speed and energy and instinctively know how to use their already well developed horns.

The only difference in the liturgy of a becerrada, compared to a regular corrida, is that there’s no picador tiring the bull’s neck muscle with his lance; it wouldn’t be fair to the animal. However, should these young bulls be challenged, they’d charge the horse with the same vigour as their older brothers.

After banderilleros place their sticks, you’ll be the nervous young man dodging the bull-calf, while trying to convince the crowd that one day you’ll be one of Spain’s top matadors. Then after you’ve survived tossings and injuries, you’ll become a ‘novillero’ facing ‘novillos’ – three-year-old bulls – in ‘novilladas’.

This is even more serious stuff! In these events picadors do come in to challenge the animal and weaken it with their steel tipped lance. And although regulations require a minimum weight, in first-category arena’s novillo’s can sometimes weigh even more and look worse than an adult bull!

But you persevere.

You sign cheap contracts in village bullrings where a public wanting its money back, is out for your blood and shower you with scorching insults. Still, you triumph, you suffer. Slowly you move through the ranks, but it feels you’re getting nowhere.

And this is just the beginning, in a few years the four-year-olds await you, cleverer, more dangerous animals.

Bulls as big as Burgos cathedral!


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