Tenochtitlan: We Have a Problem! – In Brief: Who’s on for the Anniversary?

Plaza Mexico´s Anniversary: The eternal question.

The 66th Anniversary cartel rumors are heating up. There has been a lot of names being mentioned of who will perform in the anniversary bullfight of Plaza Mexico on the classic February 5th, 2012.

By: Bullfigthing News

Some want to see an all Mexican bullfight as the three youngest bullfighters have performed great during the first half of the season, Arturo Saldivar, Juan Pablo Sanchez, and Diego Silveti, that would be quite a cartel.

Others want to see a mixture of Enrique Ponce, Julian Lopez “El Juli”, Jose Maria Manzanares, Miguel Angel Perera and even Castella.

Recently I have read that “El Juli” is a shoe-in, as well as Ponce, as some of you may know, Ponce has been to just about every anniversary bullfight in the last 20 years, I think he missed one or two, even Jose Maria Manzanares says he’ll be there on the 5th, so lots of names have been tossed around but we wont know for sure until about a week to 2 weeks before the anniversary bullfight.

The latest is that the promoter is going to include the Saturday as part of the festivities for the anniversary weekend. The last time there was a two day back to back was in 2007, other back to back dates in 2005, with three consecutive dates in 2008. Last year the anniversary there was to be another back to back anniversary weekend, but as the Superbowl fell on that Sunday the 6th, the promoter pushed the day to Monday the 7th, no telling they might do the same thing this year but who knows.

Tweets by the bullfighters have announced themselves that they will be on the cartel for the anniversary bullfight, with “El Juli” saying he’ll be on for the 5th, and well as ß, but that kind of messes things up with Ponce as he usually demands to be on the 5th and only that date.

Just recalling a Ponce absence only happened one year, so it will be interesting to see who gets what.

Stay tuned.

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